(OF)2 Teachers Guide

Youth Calculator – An Introduction

Students can participate in the (OF)2 project by participating in the CO2 Youth Calculator and by joining the online discussion forums in which teachers and students are sharing their activities to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions/footprint.

The first step is for your students to register at the Calculator site: www.zerofootprint.net/youth/iearn by clicking on the arrow pointing right.

Students are first asked to create a username/password and then to identify their gender, age and school name. Students start by typing in their school name. When their school appears—with the correct city and country—they should select it. Students should keep typing until their school appears or until they are given the option of entering a new school. Students can enter their school name or city. Here are some screen shots of these pages: OF2registration.pdf

Next students are presented with a series of questions and tips, starting with “travel” and then the calculator gives students some "tips" about different options for setting specific goals for themselves (for example, "I will ride a bike instead of riding in a car"). By setting a goal, they are helping to pledge a reduction of CO2—which will be joined and/or compared with goals set by students of the same age/gender at different schools and in different countries.

The categories are: Travel, What You Eat, Home, What You Use, and What You Throw Away. Screen shots of these sections can be found in the following PDF files:

Travel: travel.pdf
What you eat: whatyoueat.pdf
Home: home.pdf
What you use: whatyouuse.pdf
What you throw away: whatyouthrowaway.pdf

At any time, students can click on the chart/graph/finish button at the bottom right to calculate their carbon footprint. They do not have to finish all the questions at one time, but can log-off and return at any time to answer any remaining questions.

Calculating One’s Carbon Footprint

When a student clicks on the chart/graph button, they are taken to the results page where they can compare their carbon footprints and goals with those of others in the same or different school, country, gender and age group. They can see these comparisons by clicking on the “My School” “Boys/Girls” “Country” and “Age”. To compare with a specific school, the student should start typing the school name and keep typing until the desired school’s name appears. A comparison with different countries works the same way.

They also can see how many earths it would take to maintain the level of carbon dioxide that they are producing from their lifestyle if everyone produced the same amount as they do.

In the upper right corner, they can also see the total amount of CO2 that students worldwide have pledged to reduce by changes in their lifestyle. The goal that students are collectively trying to meet this year is to reduce CO2 production by 35,000 tonnes.

Hopefully, these results and the issues raised in the tips/goals can become part of the discussion that students have together in the forum for Our Footprints, Our Future: www.of2.iearn.org/forum.html


CO2 Reductions

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