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iEARN-USA and Motorola
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New York – November 27, 2007 – iEARN-USA (International Education and Resource Network), the world’s largest online educational network for project-based learning, today announced it will receive a $25,000 Innovation Generation Grant from the Motorola Foundation. Through the OF2 (Our Footprints, Our Future) Project, iEARN-USA will engage one million students throughout the US and around the world in the science of measuring one’s carbon footprint and developing collaborative strategies for lifestyle change to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions by 35,000 tons.

The Motorola Foundation’s Innovation Generation Grants fund education programs that spark a love science, technology, engineering and math in today’s youth. Recipients of Innovation Generation Grants will create programs to help kids discover that science, technology, engineering and math are challenging, interesting and fun, as well as fundamental skills for a bright future.

“With Motorola’s Innovation Generation Grant, we will be able to offer young people in our community the educational foundation to change tomorrow’s technology landscape,” said Dr. Edwin Gragert, Executive Director. “We are making an investment in our students and our community, and we look forward to advancing our mission with partners like Motorola.”

Through the OF2 project, students will research, measure, compare carbon footprint results with other students worldwide using online interactive tools, set goals for lifestyle change and then act in their communities on the learning that they have gained.  Students will demonstrate mastery of science by acting on the learning in their community.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs requiring science, engineering, or technical training will increase 24 percent to 6.3 million between 2004 and 2014, creating greater demand for critical thinkers fluent in technology.  This will be an opportunity to motivate young people to become involved in the science of climate change by becoming personally engaged in awareness-building, investigation and measurement of and changes in lifestyle changes.  The project will enable students to interact in a global context and build excitement for science by being hands-on, practical, topical, and interactive, all while contributing to environmental improvement.

Throughout the world, the Motorola Foundation’s dynamic network is inspiring future inventors and engineers. In early 2007, Motorola launched the U.S. Innovation Generation Grant program, with $3.5 million available to support programs that infuse the future with skilled inventors. Funding focuses on programs that engage students in science, technology, engineering and math early in life, with priority given to those programs that incorporate Motorola employees as volunteers. For a complete list of Innovation Generation Grant recipients, visit

“Motorola’s partnership with iEARN-USA  helps extend our mission of igniting a passion for science and math in students,” said Eileen Sweeney, director, Motorola Foundation. “Our Innovation Generation Grant program helps children make the connection between the cool technology they enjoy every day and the educational foundation they will need to invent the next great thing.”

Since 2000, Motorola Foundation has contributed more than $35 million in grants to a variety of programs that draw students closer to science, technology, engineering and math.

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About iEARN

iEARN was launched in 1988 as a pilot project between the US and former USSR to demonstrate that students could use emerging new technologies to work together on meaningful educational projects that enhance the quality of life on the planet. It is iEARN’s vision that if students start working together globally from the earliest ages (5-19), they will learn better through experiential interaction with peers in other countries and learn that the world’s issues can be resolved by collaborative solutions. iEARN has grown to become the world’s largest educational network for project-based learning, with programs in more than 120 countries. iEARN-USA was awarded the 2003 Goldman Sachs Foundation Prize for Excellence in International Education and is a 2004 Tech Museum Laureate winner for “technology benefiting humanity.” Please visit and or e-mail:  iEARN-USA is based in New York City.


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