All educators, along with their students, are able to participate in the (OF)2 discussion forum regardless of their membership status with iEARN.

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Youth who have measured their carbon footprint and would like to interact with others around the world who are working to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions are encouraged to do so through the secure (OF)2 discussion forum. By sharing experiences and energy-use examples across cultures and economies, students can see how they can make a difference when they learn from each other.

The (OF)2 Forum is located within the iEARN Collaboration Centre at:

Student participation in the forum is via educators and/or youth group leaders, who either are members of iEARN or who register to participate in the (OF)2 discussion.

iEARN Members
Teachers and/or youth organization leaders who are members of iEARN can go directly to the forum ( and log in with your iEARN username and password. You may give students their own user names & passwords through your "manage account" window.

If you are a teacher or an adult working with young people and would
like to find out more about registering with iEARN to be a part of the (OF)2 discussion or of the 200+ other iEARN projects, go to:

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Registration for the (OF)2 discussion forum for Non-iEARN Members
Adults who are not members of iEARN can complete the free and easy
registration form at:
Once you are registered you will be given a username and password to log
into the (OF)2 Forum.

Students in an iEARN Member School or Youth Organization
Students whose classroom is engaged in iEARN projects and have been
given a username and password by their teacher may go directly to the
forum and log in.

Students whose teachers or youth leaders are not iEARN Members
Access to the (OF)2 Forum is solely via by teachers and youth organization leaders. Interested students should contact a teacher at your school or other qualified adult that would like to be involved in the (OF)2 project and have them complete the free registration form:

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